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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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1:00 eastern time. i'm francis rivera here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. here's what's happening. right now in charlotte, north carolina, a day of action by protesters who are calling for the release of police video in the fatal police shooting of keith scott. the widow of keith scott has released cell phone video she recorded of the encounter between her husband and police. nbc's tammy leitner is in charlotte. what kind of response is the release of that cell phone video getting there? >> reporter: you know, francis, i think most of the people we
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spoke to, they have seen that video, but it raises more questions than answers for people. and therefore, people are still demanding to see the release of the police video. we're talking about the body cam and the dash cam. now about 600 to 700 protesters showed up last night for the fourth night. we were there marching with them the entire time. it was peaceful, there was no violence. they marched from the city center to the police department, through residential neighborhoods and finally on to interstate 277. they shut it down for a brief period. they walked for about a mile on there. last night was different than previous nights in that charlotte police were there walking with the protesters. there were bike cops out in the front, and there were actually uniformed police officers walking with the protesters. some of the protesters carried signs that said "just release the tapes," "stop the killings." there were no arrests, to gas deployed and no injuries. i want to give you a live look, if it you can come back to me here, of what's going on. they are setting up for yet another demonstration. there's about, oh, 100 people or
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so. this is set to start in just a short while. they'll have some speakers and then we're told they will be marching across to city hall. everybody is hoping this once again remains peaceful. francis? >> throughout the day and into the evening. tammy leitner, thank you very much. new revelations in the deadly attack in washington state after a gunman opened pir fire north of seattle, killing five people. that gunman is still on the loose, but a short time ago, state and local officials gave a more detailed time line leading up to the shooting. >> the first few hours that we were on-scene, we were primarily in a mode waiting for the entire mall to be cleared. it took several hundred to do that, going through, clearing every room, every nook and cranny, to make sure that the suspect wasn't still on-scene. what we know right now from security footage that we've
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recovered is that the suspect entered the mall without a weapon. about ten minutes later, entered macy's, with a rifle, fired multiple times. struck, again, four females ranging in age from a teenager to seniors. also a male was struck, and all four of those were mortally wounded. >> nbc's gadi schwartz is in burlington, washington, the site of last night's shooting. and if you can fill me in, any new information about the suspect's identity? >> reporter: well, good morning, francis. investigators say they have several promising leads they are following up on this morning when it comes to the identity of this suspect. but right now, they are still not 100% certain on who he is. in fact, just a little while ago, started releasing more pictures from inside of the mall, depicting what you heard the officers say just a little
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while ago. they depict the suspect coming into the mall without a gun. in fact, if you look at those pictures, it doesn't even look like he's carrying a bag large enough to carry a gun. and then they lose sight of him for about ten minutes, and then he appears in front of the macy's with a gun, goes inside, opens fire, killing five people inside, four females, one male. and initial reports from witnesses describe hearing the gunman possibly screaming or yelling about a female or saying a female's name. when asked about that, when investigators have been asked about a possible motive, they say it's still too early on in this investigation to comment on that. but they did say they have recovered a gun here on-scene. take a listen. >> i don't know at this point what his intentions or motives were. we recovered a weapon at the scene. >> what was it? >> it was a rifle. and i'm not going to disclose any more.
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>> reporter: now, investigators have seen some help from the fbi. we have seen fbi agents appearing here on the scene. and they are here as an advisory role, as a support role. it is still a locally run investigation. but the fbi has said that they do not have any information that would lead them to believe that this may be a planned attack outside of this mall or that there may mosh attacks in the future. however, this community still on edge. a gun man coming into this mall on a friday night, opening fire, killing five people. still on the loose in this community. back to you, francis. >> nbc's gadi schwartz, thank you for the update. turning now to politics. new this hour, hillary clinton has picked up another high-profile endorsement. it comes from the "new york times" editorial board saying, "our choice, hillary clinton, has a record of service and a raft of pragmatic ideas. and the other, donald trump,
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discloses nothing concrete about himself or his plans while promising the moon and offering the stars on layaway." meanwhile, two of clinton's top surrogates hitting the campaign trail today. chelsea clinton visits new orleans. senator warren went after donald trump at today's first event. >> who can give us the tools and lead us to those who are attempting to -- i wanted to be here in philadelphia. before i begin with my remarks, i do want to say -- >> not the correct video there we were supposed to show you of senator warren. but moving on to donald trump, who is making another big push for battle ground states with $140 million ad buy. it's the largest yet. michigan, north carolina and pennsylvania are among the states where ads will play. trump will campaign in virginia today, while mike pence travels
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to des moines for the iowa faith and freedom coalition dinner. today's events come on the heals of trump's latest endorsement, senator ted cruz splab explained his decision to vote for trump to tea party activists at an event in texas last night. >> a year ago. i made a promise i will support the republican nominee. that's a promise i made to the people across this country. and as i thought about it and prayed about it, what to do, my conscience told me. >> and at this hour, preparations are under way at hofstra university, where the first presidential debate will take place. msnbc's kasie hunt is on campus, about 45 minutes east of new york city. kasie, talk a little bit about the two very different approaches from the two camps about the debate prep and also the excitement you're sensing there on campus.
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>> reporter: hi, francis. preparations here are well under way for the debate coming up on monday night. to be the biggest tv event for both candidates. both who spent a remarkable time in the spotlight. that's really saying a lot. they're preparing really in polar opposite ways. although both are spending the weekend talking to their advisers and working out how they are going to be prepared for monday night, trump, of course, much looser, has rejected kind of traditional debate prep with his advisers. he's not standing on a mock stage and doing debate prep sessions the way we would normally expect candidates to do this. some of his advisers told nbc news that they showed him some of the moments from his first debates in the primary, suggested maybe he should make some adjustments. he didn't go for it. he said his performances then were perfect. so that was not a strategy that worked for him. of course, the challenge for trump is keeping his cool. and that's what hillary clinton on the flip side is trying to practice doing. she is doing mock debate
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sessions. we know that playing donald trump is phillipe rine us, a long-time aide of hers, who isn't afraid of her. he is somebody who can stand on the stage and level potentially very personal insults at hillary clinton, the way her campaign believes donald trump might be prone to do, to try to get her ready to handle that and also to potentially turn it back on donald trump. they believe at this point that if he does steer away from his script, if he can manage to have a moment that they think or that they can cast as him looking unpresidential, it will be helpful for them. you've also seen them put out some documentation over the last couple of days about what they're calling donald trump's lies. essentially fact-checking a list of things. you can see in how they're doing that that they're trying to set expectations for the debate. there's some concern that if he stands up there, appears presidential, that he'll come away basically being the perceived winner of the debate.
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so the challenge is trying to convince reporters who cover her to convince the public that if trump makes some of the statements he's made in the past that are factually untrue, that that amounts essentially to him losing. so it is a little bit of a tricky line for the clinton campaign at this stage. francis. >> especially when you have donald trump who ahas said recently that he is going to go in this respectfully and not make any personal attacks. we'll see if they stick with that. msnbc's kasie hunt, thank you. donald trump keeping the debate prep to a minimum this weekend, according to his closest advisers. but in monday's 9 oh-minnesota debate, no doubt he will have policy specifics if he wants to be competitive and win over undecided voters. we want to bring in one of trump's senior policy advisers, peter navarro. also david lit, former speech writer for president barack obama and now a head writer and producer. both of you, let's jump right into this, knowing that they're
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preparing. peter, start with you. you heard from kasie hunt in saying the approach from donald trump, a little bit loosey-goosey, kind of fly-by when it comes to that. and you've been helping donald trump prepare in the room. what is the approach? is there a truth to that, that he's really kind of doing something more casual? >> no. loosey-goosey is not the right word. he's just relaxed, whereas hillary clinton we expect to be very scripted. she'll have a few zingers that mr. witt probably wrote. but what it will come down to is who looks presidential. and i think so far in this campaign, donald trump set the standard for that with his trip to mexico, which was just phenomenal. whereas hillary clinton basically has been hiding out from press conferences. i think this is going to boil down to questions -- tough questions, and the hillary campaign is going to have to deal, i think, mostly with the corruption issue. but for me, i mean, i'm on the economics team. >> well, peter, i want to focus
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on donald trump. focus on donald trump. since you are, you know -- >> i'll give you a little insight on how he's going about things. i'm a professor, right? so i had 25 years of experience teaching. i love this guy, because he's both a visual learner and an audio learner. >> is he going to stick to what he said he's going to be respectful and not go -- not go personal when it comes to that debate stage? >> yeah, the intention is to be presidential. and by the way, this is a two-way street. and i'm not talking about hillary clinton. i'm talking about the people moderating the debate. you know, this campaign has been plagued by being driven by irrelevant things in the news cycle, rather than the serious policy issues facing this country. and frankly, at the top of that list is jobs and national security. so to the extent that the moderators ask the right questions, i don't think that issue comes into play. and that's what the american people want.
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this is going to be the most watched event in world history. the most watched debate there will be. and donald trump is going to be very well-prepared. i'm in the war room every day. i see the fine policy advisers that surround him. and as i said, he learns both from listening and from reading. he's a voracious learner, he grasps things very quickly and he's going to be right there, prepared. >> david, i want to bring you in. when it comes to hillary clinton, is she going to have to spend more time -- how is she going to divide her time, i guess i should ask, on being between the defensive or on offense when it comes to this debate and donald trump? >> i think with any debate, what you're really doing is you're putting forward your own strategy and you're thinking about what do we want voters to ask of themselves, what do we want them to ask about the candidates when all of this is said and done. so if voters are asking at the end of the day who would do a better job as president, the debate is going to be a clear win for hillary clinton. and that is regardless of
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whether mr. trump is able to stand for 90 minutes and not insult somebody. maybe he can do it, maybe he can't. if voters want to think about who is going to be president on january 21st, i think ms. clinton will have had a good night. >> david, you said debate prep is different than speeches and prepping for that. tell us the critical differences here and how you imagine the two candidates are preparing for that. >> well, mr. navarro mentioned zingers, which is a word i honestly think is dead from the english language except for this one area of debate prep. and the truth is, debates are not really about zingers, you can't script your way towards a win. what you can do is present your case for who you are, and implicitly and explicitly contrast that from your opponent. you can't manage every moment. who you are, what you're about, and why you would make a better president than the other person standing next to you on that stage. >> peter, i want to bring you in when you talk about donald trump, especially his approach to these debates in the primaries versus now and how different this is going to be.
10:16 am
we're talking about 90 minutes, no commercial breaks. hillary clinton has really been, as far as rehearsing, having some mock sessions with donald trump. and we understand that donald trump is not doing that, and does not have a stand-in here. part of that strategy for hillary clinton is also to try to get him to lose his cool. and i know you said earlier you can't imagine doing that. but in the event of an outburst here or any below the belt remark, could that -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. i reject the premise. don't even go there. we have a donald trump who took on 16 other republican candidates, he went through a very rigorous debate season. he learned from that experience. and he's going to come in like he did into mexico, looking very, very. >> you don't think there will be any fireworks here? we spoke with carol simpson who moderated debates in the past? and she said oh, yeah. >> i think it's interesting when the moderators start asking hillary clinton about corruption, the fbi scandal, the clinton foundation. we never got answers to that and
10:17 am
that may ignite some fireworks, because depending on how she answers, mr. trump may want to press that. because american people are looking for answers to what in my judgment is the most sophisticated form of political corruption we have ever seen. because it doesn't involve just hillary. it involves bill clinton, and the two of them are out there, basically, collecting money through the political process, promising the voters one thing, delivering other things. very sophisticated. i think this is going to be a key issue and that could create fireworks, depending on how she answers. >> all right, and david, lastly to you. you said you pitched president obama some debate lines. what did that entail and what is happening here as far as those aides of donald trump/hillary clinton, pitching lines, as well? >> well, i'll say most of the debate lines i pitched president barack obama were for his first debate against governor romney. i'm not sure anyone is looking
10:18 am
for my advice on those. that debate didn't go great. what that illustrates, the reason why president obama won the second and third debate wasn't about all the lines you need. it was about that basic question. i think mr. navarro raised it well. if we're focused on every petty controversy in the past, i still think hillary clinton can win but it's going to be tight. if we're focused on who we want to be able to launch nuclear missiles, this is not going to be a close call. >> mr. trump. >> we will all be watching and leave it at that. david and peter, thank you for your time. >> thanks very much. >> good luck. msnbc will carry the first presidential debate, which begins at 9:00 eastern. and also msnbc will have a sunday special lineup to preview the debate, featuring joy reid, chris hayes, chris matthews and also chuck todd. it all begins at 5:00 eastern here on msnbc. and now to today's msnbc celebration of the fifth anniversary of the global citizen festival. a live look at central park
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there. a beautiful day. you can see the crowds gathering there. once again, we are the media partner for this afternoon's star-studded concert and this is where it's all happening. new york central park. you've got rihanna, kendrick lamar, metallica, demi lovato and other guests. the goals for the organization include ending extreme poverty by the year 2030. the global citizen festival begins this afternoon at 3:00 eastern right here on msnbc. and one of the goals for the global citizen organization is wiping out disease across the country. right now, many countries are on alert over the zika virus, which can cause severe birth defec in babies. florida governor ricscott is blasting congress and president obama for failing to pass funding to fight zika. in an op-ed this week, he called washington, quote, completely incompetent. nbc's morgan radford shows us how pregnant moms in the miami area are taking precautions against the zika virus. >> reporter: it's been called a viral game-changer. and the millennials' std.
10:20 am
now the u.s. is waging an all-out war against zeke. spraying beaches with insecticide. recommending all donated blood in america be tested. even approving a genetically modified mosquito to fight the disease. >> and hold. >> reporter: but there is one group at the heart of the battle. >> you have to take extra precaution and you have to be kind of a paranoid fear monger. >> reporter: what are you most afraid of? >> i think my biggest fear is what we don't know and to me that's the scariest part. >> reporter: when zika first broke out in miami, officials were passing out zika packs, filled with things like repel laboratory, mosquito netting, even con to hims condoms. >> just we live on the border of the swamp. >> reporter: moms like susie guilden are still worried. before stopping outside -- >> i have these wipes. i usually use this deet. >> reporter: so you spray this
10:21 am
on like perfume. >> oh, yeah, this is like the summer perfume down here. >> reporter: susie covers herself from head to toe. she hired a pest control company like this one to keep her home mosquito-free. how has business been? >> booming. tripled in size since last year. >> reporter: is calling you? >> pregnant mothers. >> reporter: so they're saying come quick, come now. there is urgency behind this. >> they want us to come yesterday. >> don't take it lightly. protect yourself. even though you're not pregnant and not concerned about a life inside of you, if a mosquito bites you, you have the symptoms, then you're risking everybody else, including us and our babies. >> reporter: a risk that's not worth taking. morgan radford, nbc news, miami. still to come, the historic opening of the museum of african-american history and culture, including the president's remarks on this historic day.
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turning now to politics. as the candidates get ready to face off in two days, we're learning more about hillary clinton's debate prep. more specifically, the person playing donald trump in those mock sessions. sources tell the "new york times" that a former aide during clinton's years in the senate and a secretary of state began playing the republican nominee are right after the conventions ended. the "times" describes the former aide as a, quote, depth practitioner with no holds barred politics that mr. trump favors. joining me is political reporter for the los angeles times and associate editor for "the hill." i don't know if you heard my conversation with peter navarro, one of trump's policy advisers, who doesn't think he's really going to blow his top or lose his cool and he's going to stick presidential. do you think he'll do that? >> you know, who knows with donald trump. he is so impossible to predict, and in any sense at all. but this is a enormous audience we're expecting for this debate.
10:26 am
there has been a persistent voters mind about whether he will be present. he obviously wants to rehe erase those doubts rather than amplify them. >> everything we're here so far is how different their preps are with hillary clinton. kind of being more serious by the books, researching and donald trump taking more casual approach. do you believe that? >> i do. it seems to go along with their permits. the personalities we have seen from both of them throughout the campaign. trump has -- he won the primaries by being himself, following his gut, not following political conventions. hillary clinton has run a very traditional campaign. and she's known for being wonky. she takes pride in being wonky and studying briefing books, that kind of thing. i think it makes a lot of sense. >> with that now you have the bar of expectations so low for trump. it should be easy to clear or could that low expectation actually hurt him and benefit hillary clinton? >> you know, generally speaking, campaigns and candidates try to
10:27 am
lower expectations in advance of these debates. and then they can claim success once they -- as you say, clear a rather low bar. the problem for donald trump is that i do think he is the one who needs to change the trajectory of this race. hillary clinton had a bad couple weeks earlier this month. but now she's moved back into -- a small but fairly solid lead in a lot of polls. whether he can change the trajectory by just clearing a low bar, if that's not to mixed a metaphor, is debatable, i think. >> and when it comes to the topics that they're going to cover during that 90 minutes, you have unrest, the police shootings, north carolina, oklahoma. if that comes up -- seema, who do you think will do better as far as positioning their answers there? >> well, i think -- hillary clinton is obviously tested in this type of forum before, as a senate candidate and then in her 2008 presidential run. so she's been through this more than donald trump has. donald trump, he certainly did well in the debates during the primary. but we have to remember that at
10:28 am
that appointment he was on a stage with ten people, maybe got five or six minutes, one or two good lines that dominated the news. he has to be present for 90 minutes, one-on-one. and as i was talking to somebody who advised governor romney on his debate prep in 2012, he was saying you can't bs your way through 90 minutes. >> and hillary clinton has done it 40 times before and this is donald trump's first time. very quickly, what's the headline tuesday morning? >> i think the headline is whether there is heat here or whether there's actually light cast on the issue. personal heat or issues. >> seema? >> i think if one of them blows up, i think that's the headline. >> i think so too. matter of who that will be. we will all be watching. as always, great to have you with me. >> thanks. we are watching breaking news out of charlotte where people are marching in protest, demanding the release of dash cam video. we'll take you there live in just a moment. mom, i have to tell you something.
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what's in your wallet? welcome back. i'm francis rivera at msnbc
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world headquarters in new york. at the half hour, here's what we are monitoring. authorities in washington state appealing to the public to help identify the suspect who opened fire north of seattle, killing five people. police released these photos of the gunman, last seen dressed in black walking towards an interstate and authorities uncovered a weapon at the scene where the shooting happened and said it was a rifle. so far, no evidence connecting the attack to terrorism. and right now in charlotte, north carolina, demonstrators organizing what they are calling a day of action in response to the fatal police shooting of keith la monlt scott. msn msnbc's national competent, tremaine lee is there and brings us the latest. tremaine? >> reporter: how are you doing, francis? here we are in marshal park in downtown charlotte where for days people have been protesting. but as you mentioned, this today is a day of action. if you look out to the crowd, we already have a few hundred people here. again, many of them demanding the release of the tape which may show some piece of the killing of keith lamont scott, especially after yesterday when
10:33 am
the family released their own video in which you hear keith scott's wife pleading for police not to shoot him. after days of peaceful protests, organizers have come today, again, to not only demand that tape, but it seems to be kind of a gathering of various organizations. it's a very mixed crowd, black, white, young, old, all seeking justice for not just keith scott, but the end of police and state-sanked violence against black people. you see many signs from white people saying end white silence. so this congealing of different organizations coming together. this takes place on the same day that president obama welcomed visitors at the opening ceremonies to the national african-american museum for history and culture. and he kind of referenced some of the things going on across this country, and in this community of charlotte and tulsa. let's take a listen to what president obama had to say. >> perhaps they can help a visitor understand the pain and anger of demonstrators and
10:34 am
places like ferguson and charlotte. but it can also help black visitors appreciate the fact that not only is this younger generation carrying on traditions of the past, but within the white communities across the nation we see the sincerity of law enforcement officers and officials. who in fits and starts are struggling to understand. and are trying to do the right thing. >> reporter: as president obama has said before, he believed that there is nothing more american than protests. and we have seen it here in charlotte. we have seen it in tulsa and in cities across the country, where black men in particular have been killed by the police. but again, after a fiery start to protests here in charlotte, after the killing of keith lamont scott, we had two nights
10:35 am
of peaceful protests, and today a day of action. again, you can hear behind me, there is an artist singing on stage. people here are coming together in a sense of unity as this community and this entire country for that matter tries to pull the pieces together. francis? >> all right, tremaine lee, hopefully that peace will continue throughout the night there in charlotte. tremaine lee, thank you very much. more on the preparations for the debates. will style matter more than substance? ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at see whatman, my feetf points same time tomorrow, fellas!? dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles absorb
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♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. turning to the 2016 campaign and the fight for florida. the candidates are locked in a tight race in the sunshine state with an estimated 12.4 million voters. florida is a top battleground for donald trump and hillary clinton. so how can they win over the people who call florida home? well, first, they have to restore their trust in government. >> how many agree with the statement, washington is broken? raise your hands. does it make you feel like -- that in terms of how washington works, nothing is going to
10:39 am
change? >> yes. >> yes. >> how many agree with that, raise your hands. >> chris is a democratic strategist and former chief of staffer for senator joe manchin. he conducted that group. and founder of susan del percent ostrategies. welcome. glad to have you with me. we start with this, chris, with you. because that video we just saw is from that focus group you tested in florida. what did you find was the top concern? >> well, going into this debate -- these are all undecided voters, which is kind of like the critical block. people think they're as rare as unicorns, but they're not. basically, they have an incredibly negative view of this race, and negative view of where the country is, and where it's headed. and i think that helps frame how they look at the first debate. one of the key things we saw was if this ends up being a 90-minute mud fight i'm not sure
10:40 am
it helps either candidate. it will make the bases happy but won't win folks over. what they want to hear after what they see as basically a race that has exhausted them, they want to hear specifics, they want to hear details, they want to hear how the candidates are going to improve their lives. and that would be an advantage to secretary clinton. but if it ends up becoming a back and forth of needless punches, i'm not sure it really helps either one of them win these voters over. >> susan, do you think that's going to be the case? will it be a mud fight? >> i don't think it will be initially. depending on how they enter into this debate, i'm willing to bet we're going to see some interesting ads drop on monday morning, and aimed at getting underneath the skin of both candidates. and it really is up to donald trump to set the tone of the debate. no one knows which donald trump is going to show up. so in that regard, he has an edge. of course, if he reads it wrong, it could hurt him dramatically. >> right. and chris, how would you advise hillary clinton, especially if she is attacked on something
10:41 am
more than, you know, just policies or issues, especially given the fact that those people you spoke with said they really want to hear how their lives are going to be improved by these candidates. >> one of the key -- i think you have to put it in the context of what they saw as donald trump's negatives. his offensive rhetoric, as well as his lack of details and specifics. they're tired of the rhetoric. they are attracted to the bigger message to some degree. but they really want to hear his specifics. for secretary clinton, if she is able to make it clear, and i think in a very aspirational, humble tone, positive tone, where she wants to take the country, how she unders the frustrations and anxiety where the country is and where it's headed, i think it plays to her strengths. donald trump has, if you will, a bigger hill to climb, because not only does he have to play against type, he has to do something that he has not been proven, able to do, which is actually argue details and actually explain his positions
10:42 am
and specifics. there's no place t hide in the 90-minute debate with no commercials. so i think -- >> susan, go ahead. >> i was just going to say, there is a balance there. because as much as hillary clinton can -- and she does have the advantage on all of the details, it starts sounding a lot like washington-speak. and what was very interesting about that focus group that chris conducted was that they all said it seems like it's just going to be more of the same. so hillary clinton wonking it out on stage really will seem potentially to a lot of voters as just more of the same. >> so -- >> go ahead. >> go ahead, sorry. >> i want to move on, just because we're running out of time. i want to ask about the role of the moderators. interesting conversation we had earlier with carol simpson, hugh hewitt, whether they should stay away from fact-checking and let the two candidates do them that themselves or if it's the role of the moderator to do that. your thoughts, susan. >> to some extent, it is the role of the moderator in meaning that in this case, lester holt, will have to follow up with
10:43 am
questions, especially if, for example, when were you for or against the war in iraq. there is specifics there. but it's not his job to do the pushback on what donald trump says or what hillary clinton says. he really -- it's his job to dig deeper. and that's not necessarily fact-checking. >> chris, where do you stand on that when it comes to the moderators? >> to me i think the moderator has an important role, to challenge them on their positions and when they're faxly wrong as we have seen with donald trump so many times. the onus falls upon secretary clinton to point out. it's not that it's a wonk contest, but at the same time what voters do not want is a 90-minute fight back and forth. and i think if secretary clinton says i'm going to lead this country and improve people's lives, she can move these undecided voters over, and that at the end of the day really is the only goal that matters here. rally the base is great. but you want to move those
10:44 am
undecided voters, especially in critical states like florida. >> all right. i appreciate it. thank you. >> great to see you. >> thank you. msnbc will carry the first presidential debate which begins at 9:00 eastern, and msnbc will have a sunday special lineup to preview the debate. featuring joy reid, chris hayes, chris matthews and chuck todd, all beginning at 5:00 eastern here on msnbc. [ bell ringing ] president obama last hour ringing the bell of an historic african-american church, signalling the opening of the first national museum devoted exclusively to the history and culture of african-americans. nbc's jim miklaszewski on the unrest facing our community today. >> reporter: francis, it was truly a moving ceremony. somber at times over america's
10:45 am
history of slavery, and discrimination against blacks. but also a celebration of the progress and achievements of african-americans. president obama addressed both sides of the issues. pointing to the contradictions and conflicts that many black americans still face today. >> how men can proudly win the gold for their country but i will insist on raising a black-gloved fist. how we can wear an "i can't breathe" t-shirt and still grieve for fallen police officers. here's the america where the razor-sharp uniform of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff belongs alongside the cape of the godfather of soap. we have shown the world we can float like butterflies and sting like bees.
10:46 am
>> reporter: the president stressed the african-american museum should provide a new context for the debate here in america, but hopefully he pointed out that it should provide whites -- white americans with a better understanding of the pain and conflict that black america still suffers today, and hopes that the museum will inspire all of us to look ahead and pursue progress instead of the kind of pain that a black america has suffered for hundreds of years. >> all right. nbc's jim miklaszewski for us at the white house. mik, thank you. next, the very personal ways to cross america against the heroin epidemic. in the next hour with richard lui, what the candidates are doing to prepare for monday's debate. and will still matter modern substance?
10:47 am
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today msnbc is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the global citizen festil and is once again the media partner for this the goal is for the organization to include ending extreme poverty by the year 2030. the festival begins this afternoon at 3:00 eastern here on msnbc. one of the goals of the global citizen organization is wiping out disease across the world including drug addiction. in the united states, heroin use has doubled in the last decade. heroin-related deaths up nearly 300%. it's a health crisis that took more than 8,000 lives in 2013. in huntington, west virginia, there were 520 heroin overdoses last year, 35 fatal.
10:51 am
morgan radford takes us to the heart of the town where the battle of the epidemic is being waged with the full force of the community. this is where the overdoses happened? >> this is where the majority happened that day. >> reporter: one august night, huntington, west virginia, witnessed 26 overdoses of heroin in less than four hours. this is a low-income housing community. is this typically where you see these overdose calls coming from? >> we have them here. it's not just isolated here which is the crazy thing about this epidemic. >> overdose death is the third leading cause of death in huntington. >> reporter: jim johnson, former chief of police leads the newly-formed drug control task force. what about the death rate? >> death rate is 10 times the national average. >> reporter: for those fighting heroin addiction here in huntington, there is a new approach. tracy is one of nearly 150 people who come through the doors of this needle exchange clinic every single day. to swap dirty needles for clean
10:52 am
ones. what is the bleach for? >> to clean dirty needles if you have to reuse them. >> reporter: does that leave the marks on your hands? using a dull needle? the goal, if the city can't stop the heroin, at least they can try to make it safer. when will you have to hit up again? >> you get six every four to six hours. >> reporter: you'll go immediately from leaving here? >> i try to make enough money to buy half gram of heroin. >> reporter: a lot of people said the typical story is people are working in the coal mines might have an actual legit might jaury. they take pain pills then become addicted to those pills. when the coal mines dried up, they lost their jobs and returned to heroin. which is why now nurses, parole officers and doctors are volunteering their time to review arrest cases together, hoping to keep addicts out of jail and off the streets,
10:53 am
working with recovery centers like this one. >> this is where we stay every night. >> reporter: changing lives for people like jeremy. when did you have your last hit? >> july 25th of this year. >> reporter: how long have you been sober? >> 40 days. i can't explain that feeling of when you're coming off heroin. you literally feel like you're dying. >> reporter: this time there's hope. how do you feel? >> it makes you feel like you accomplished something. a little step toward getting to complete the program. >> reporter: they have the community behind them. do you think you can beat this? >> i know i can. >> me, too. >> reporter: one tiny town trying to beat the appics one addiction at a time. >> the globe citizen festival begins this afternoon at 3:00 eastern here on msnbc.
10:54 am
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a very good saturday afternoon. i'm richard you looky. breaking news in washington state a manhunt under way for a gunman who killed five people at a shopping mall north of seattle last night. new pictures just released of the suspect with a long rifle walking through the mall. state police are telling people to stay indoors today as helicopters and k-9 units scour the area around the cascade mall in burlington. the gunman fired as many as a dozen shots, then fled toward a nearby interstate. a motive remains unclear. there is no preliminary evidence


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